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Bitter gourd benefits |10 health benefits of bitter gourd

Bitter gourd benefits |10 health benefits of bitter gourd

In this article, you will get detailed information about bitter gourd benefitsbitter gourd juice, and side effects of bitter gourd.
Bitter gourd benefits
Bitter gourd benefits

Bitter gourd benefits |10 health benefits of bitter gourd

Commonly people do not like bitter gourd ( Momordica charantia). The reason is bitter taste of bitter gourd. Bitter gourd also works as a medicine for health. Many people do not like to eat bitter gourd due to being bitter in taste but it is very beneficial for the body. To stay healthy, sour, sweet, astringent, pungent juice is needed, in the same way, the body also needs bitter juice. Proper amount of bitter juice is needed for a healthy body. In the absence of any juice from it, disorders arise in the body. Bitter gourd is anthelmintic in nature.

Taking large bitter gourd provides relief in gonorrhea, jaundice. Small bitter gourd is more beneficial than big bitter gourd. Bitter gourd also destroys fever, bile, phlegm blood disorders and worm disease. Bitter gourd is beneficial in rheumatism, gout, liver, spleen, growth and chronic skin diseases. It contains high amount of Vitamin 'A'. Bitter gourd also contains iron, phosphorus and small amounts of vitamin C.  If you want to beat age, then bitter gourd juice is very good. It contains a lot of anti-oxidants such as vitamin A,  and vitamin C which can slow down the speed of your growing age.The bitter gourd is cold. It is mild to digest. It illuminates the stomach, cleansing the stomach. Bitter gourd is a natural food item to keep away serious diseases.

Important nutrients of bitter gourd

According to US department of agriculture (USDA), 100 grams of bitter gourd contained following important nutrients. (1)
Water = 94.03 g
Protein = 1.0 g
Carbohydrate = 3.7 g
Total fat = 0.17 g
Dietary fibre = 2.8 g
Calcium (Ca) = 19 mg
Phosphorous (P) = 31 mg
Magnesium (Mg) = 17 mg
Vitamin C = 84 mg
Vitamin A = 141 mg
Energy = 17 kcal

10 health benefits of bitter gourd

1- Good for Kidney stone patients

Kidney stone patients get relief by drinking bitter gourd juice and eating bitter gourd vegetables. If there is stones, by consuming bitter gourd juice regularly, the stones get melted. If the stone is kidney or bladder, it has the ability to break it out. The juice of bitter gourd should be drunk twice a day and the bitter gourd vegetable should be eaten in the food. (2)

2- Beneficial for diabetes patients

Bitter gourd juice  helps in regulating blood sugar. Bitter gourd contained two phytochemicals which are called as momersidine and Charantin that control blood sugar. Drinking bitter gourd juice on an empty stomach may be very effective in diabetes. How effective is a glass of bitter gourd juice that diabetes patients need to reduce the dose of their medicines. ( 3, 4)

3- Healthy for skin

Bitter gourd is anti-microbial and anti-bacterial in nature that help to cleanse the blood. Skin problems such as  eczema, acne and pimple are completely cured by taking regular intake of bitter gourd. Drinking bitter gourd juice brings glow to the skin because it contains anti-oxidants such as vitamin C, and vitamin A. It also removes wrinkles. Bitter gourd juice is very beneficial in psoriasis disease. (5)

4- Good for the eye

It is very good for eyesight due to the high vitamin A in bitter gourd juice. People who have night blindness should use it. In night blindness, suddenly it stops appearing in the evening and the eyes become completely normal as soon as the morning sun comes out. The use of bitter gourd in night blindness is very beneficial. Bitter gourd contained plenty amount of vitamin C which keeps the body moist.

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5- Reduce cholesterol level and keep heart healthy

It has been found in many studies that bitter gourd improves heart health by lowering LDL cholesterol levels. It also helps in reducing harmful cholesterol levels in the body. Bitter gourd juice is helpful in relieving inflammatory problems. Bitter gourd is also effective for heart problems. It does not allow harmful fats to accumulate in the arteries of the heart, thereby maintaining blood circulation, and there is no possibility of heart attack. Its fibers also help in purifying the arteries. (6, 7)

6- Clean the liver

Drinking bitter gourd juice makes the liver healthy and strong. Bitter gourd juice is also beneficial in jaundice. It increases liver enzymes and eliminates all liver problems. It is a good treatment in extreme intoxication as it reduces the accumulation of alcohol in the liver.

7- Improve digestion

Bitter gourd is full of fiber and helps improve bowel movements.. Bitter gourd is rich in  phosphorus therefore It removes phlegm, constipation and digestive problems. Regular intake of bitter gourd improved the digestion of food and it increased appetite. Bitter gourd juice also helps in a digestive problem. It also effective in brain development and keeps it healthy. Bitter gourd juice is very beneficial in gas formation and indigestion. It gives relief in constipation.

8- Blood purifier

Bitter gourd contains a high amount of antioxidants. It helps to correct many problems related to contaminated blood. Regular intake of bitter gourd helps in hair problems.

9- Helpful in weight loss

According to one study, bitter gourd juice plays an important role in reducing obesity. It increased the activity of  insulin so that the sugar produced in the body does not stored as a fat. This helps reduce fat and regulates the fat metabolism in the body. Due to presence of low calories, bitter gourd controls the body weight and plays an important role in weight loss management. ( 8, 9, 10)

10- Helpful in fighting cancer

Several studies have shown that bitter gourd contains some cancer-fighting compounds. Bitter gourd extract promotes cancer cell death. It is capable of inhibiting the growth and spread of breast cancer cells. But all these experiments have been done in the laboratory till now. Further research is needed to determine how bitter gourd may affect the growth and development of cancer in humans. (11, 12 )

Bitter gourd side effects

1 - Eat bitter gourd in a balanced amount otherwise diarrhea and abdominal pain may be reported..
2 - Pregnant women should avoid consuming bitter gourd as it may cause harm.
3 - Excessive consumption of bitter gourd can cause headache and fever.
4 - It increases the low blood sugar, so hypoglycemic patients should consume it as per the advice of the doctor.
The above article is on about bitter gourd benefitsbitter gourd juice, and side effects of bitter gourd, is only for education purpose.


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