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Weight loss for tips | Easy weight loss tips for women

Weight loss for tips | Easy weight loss tips for women

In this article, you will get detailed information about weight loss for tips specially for women which is based on scientific evidence.
weight loss for tips
weight loss for tips

weight loss for tips | Easy weight loss tips for women

We need to understand obesity. It usually accepts body weight is determined by a very simple formula. We call this the energy balance equation and it works like this. If the number of calories you consume is equal to the number of calories you burn, your weight remains the same. If you consume more food calories than you burn, your weight increases. Your brain controls your calories. To do this, your brain needs to know how much energy your body needs. 

Women are more at risk of obesity than men because they are more efficient in storing body fat. 
Ideally, 25% of the total body weight of women is fat, whereas in men it is 15% of the total body weight. The only sensible way to lose weight is to combine a low-fat diet with some form of regular physical activity.

As you know that there are many natural ways to lose weight that work. If these methods are followed regularly then surely any person can lose weight. Here are such easy methods which are naturally safe which will help you in losing weight.

How to control hunger

There are two types of hormones in our body which control our hunger. These hormones are leptin and Ghrelin. Leptin hormone makes our brain feel full of our stomach and the Ghrelin hormone makes our brain feel hungry (when the stomach is empty). In this way, both hormones control and regulate the energy obtained from food in our bodies.

Leptin hormone deficiency is found in overweight people, due to which they feel less full of satiety. To fulfill this feeling of satiety in them, a large amount of Ghrelin hormone is produced, due to which the desire to eat more food is strengthened. As a result, such people consume more food which is the main reason for their weight gain.

Therefore, in such a situation, the feeling of being stomach full can be increased by increasing the activation of the leptin hormone in such people. Due to which they have less secretion of Ghrelin hormone and they feel less hungry. So that their weight does not increase. Here are some measures by which any person can control their hunger and prevent their weight gain.

1- Drinking sufficient amount of water

To increase the activation of leptin hormone, your brain needs to feel full, for this, drinking water about half an hour before the meal is helpful in weight loss because drinking water before meals helps you consume fewer calories. Drinking water before meals makes one feel full, along with it hydrates the body and it also removes harmful chemicals from the body.(1 )

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2- Getting adequate sleep

Sleep plays an important role in weight loss because studies have shown that people who are unable to sleep are 55% more likely to gain weight than those who do not sleep. Due to lack of sleep, the balance of leptin and the Ghrelin hormone is disturbed. Due to which there is a risk of increasing obesity. (2,  )

3- Eating low carbohydrates

Many studies have shown that a low carbohydrate diet is very effective in weight loss. By limiting the intake of carbohydrates and consuming more fat and protein, you can reduce your hunger, which helps in reducing calories. It reduces weight which is 3 times more effective than the standard fat reducing diet.

Carbohydrate-rich foods such as sugar-rich foods, processed food, junk food, flour, bread, soda, pastries, snacks, sweets, pasta, etc. should be consumed at least because by consuming more carbohydrate-containing food, the excess quantity of carbohydrates also reached in the body. These excess carbohydrates mainly stored in the form of fat which results in weight gain. Such a situation promotes insulin resistance and also stimulates the production of the appetite enhancing hormone Ghrelin, which makes people more hungry. (3)

4- Taking Green Tea

Green tea is a natural drink that is full of antioxidant properties. Drinking green tea has many benefits such as fat burning and weight loss. Drinking green tea consumes up to 4% of energy and burns harmful stomach fat by 17%. 

5- Eating fiber-rich foods

Eating fiber-rich food (dietary fiber) causes weight loss because eating fiber-rich food makes the stomach empty late. Apart from this, many types of fiber are also food for friendly gut bacteria. These intestinal bacteria reduce the risk of obesity. Fibers that dissolve easily in water are especially helpful in weight loss. Fiber should be added slowly in the diet to avoid stomach problems such as abdominal bloating, cramps and diarrhea, etc. (4, 5,  )

6- Consume maximum intake of fruits and vegetables

Fruits and vegetables are foods that help to lose weight. Apart from being rich in water, nutrients, and fiber, they have a very low energy density, which makes it possible to eat them in high amounts without consuming calories. Many studies have shown that people who eat more fruits and vegetables tend to lose weight because it contains many types of enzymes that are helpful in weight loss.

7- Taking probiotics

Probiotics are living bacteria whose intake is beneficial for health. It improves digestion and heart health and also helps in weight loss. Studies have shown that in the intestines of overweight or obese people, different types of bacteria affect weight compared to normal-weight people. Probiotics help in maintaining the balance of healthy bacteria in the intestine. Of all the probiotic bacteria, Lactobacillus gasseri BNR17 bacteria play the most influential role in weight loss. (6, 7)

How to burn excess body fat

1- Doing cardiac exercise

Cardiac exercises such as jogging, cycling, hiking, running, brisk walking, etc. are an extraordinary method to consume calories and improve both mental and physical wellbeing. Cardio exercise reduces the risk of heart disease. It also helps in staying fit, it is also effective in reducing belly fat.

2- Doing Yoga

Yoga is the best and effective way to lose weight because doing yoga not only improves health but also makes the muscles strong and improves digestion, thus it helps in weight loss.

The above article is on about weight loss tips specially for women which is based on scientific evidence  is only for education purpose.


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