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Benefits of Bhujangasana | Best 11 benefits of bhujangasana

Benefits of Bhujangasana|Best 11 benefits of bhujangasana 

In this article, you will find the knowledge and information about the benefits of bhujangasana and bhujangasana in detalied manner.
Benefits of Bhujangasana
Benefits of Bhujangasana

Benefits of Bhujangasana | Best 11 benefits of bhujangasana 

Bhujangasana is often performed within the Surya Namaskar or Vinyasa as a transitional posture in a collection of asanas and is considered a moderate back turn that can help prepare the spine for a more advanced back turn.
Within the spiritual practice of yoga, traditional texts state that by practicing Bhujangasana, the disease can be eradicated, the entire heat in the body can rise and awaken the Kundalini, divine energy located at the base of the spine considered and self-interviewed.
Bhujangasana is also thought to open many chakras within the body, including the chakras of the heart and throat. By doing this beneficial posture every day, the shoulders, hands, elbows, back, kidneys, and liver get strength and get rid of many diseases.

What is Bhujangasana

The word "Bhujang" comes from the Sanskrit language which means 'snake' so Bhujang-asana is also called "serpent posture". Bhujangasana is also called as Cobra Pose in English. Of all the asanas, Bhujang asana is the famous asana. It is very effective for back pain patients. In Surya Namaskar, which is called the complete exercise, Bhujangasana comes in the seventh order.

How to do Bhujangasana

Bhujangasana is a gentle backbend taken from a face-down position that heats and tightens the spine while opening the chest. There are the following steps for doing Bhujangasana.
1- Lie flat on the ground, keep the feet and forehead on the ground. Keep feet straight, feet and ankles also together.
2- Keep both hands equal to both shoulders and keep both elbows near and parallel to the body.
3- Taking long breaths, gently raise the forehead, then the chest and later the stomach. Keep the navel on the ground.
4- Now, with the support of both hands, lifting the body up, pull it towards the back of the waist.
5- Maintain equal weight on both arms. Inhaling with reflex, straighten both hands while slowly turning the spinal joint even more; Look up, raising the neck.
6- Keep your shoulders relaxed. If needed, you can also bend the elbows. You can give more curvature to the back by keeping the elbows straight while continuing to practice as you go.
7- Keep in mind that your feet are still straight. Keep a light smile, take long breaths and smile.
8- Tighten the body according to your ability, too much folding can cause harm. While exhaling, first slowly bring the stomach, then the chest and later the head back to the ground.

Anatomy of Bhujangasana

There are following muscles of the body are toned well and blood circulation is improved in these muscles.
1- Spinal muscles:- Spinal extensors and Serratus posterior superior
2- Arms muscles :- Triceps brachii, Pronator quadratus, and teres.
3- Chest and Shoulders muscles:- Serratus anterior, Rotator cuff
4- Hips and Leg muscles :- Gluteus maximus, hamstrings, adductor magnus , Vastii (Vastus lateralis, Vastus medialis, and Vastus intermedius) and soleus.
5- Abdominal muscles:- Psoas minor, abdominal muscles.

Physiology of Bhujangasana

There are following physiological effects of Bhujangasana on the body.
1- Bhujangasana stretches the abdominal organs which stimulate the regulate the secretion of abdominal organs.
2- Bhujangasana helps in expanding the chest and lungs thus encouraging deep breathing.
3- It strengthens the spine and keeps healthy and maintains its blood supply.
4- It opens the heart and lungs.
5- It regulates the thyroid gland secretion.
6- It stimulates the adrenal glands' secretion.
7- It reduces the excess fat around the hips, neck, chest, arms, etc. which is useful in a weight loss of the body.
8- It improves blood circulation throughout the body.

Best 11 health benefits of bhujangasana (cobra pose)

1- Bhujangasana helps women in problems related to the menstrual cycle and reproductive diseases also disappear.
2- Performing Bhujangasana strengthens the backbone. By doing this exercise in the morning every day, the spinal bone becomes elastic.
3- Bhujangasana also cure the constipation and the gas problem.
4- The digestive system is strong and excess fat stored in the stomach also goes away.
5- This asana is extremely beneficial for asthma and other respiratory diseases (do not use this asana when an asthma attack continues).
6- Other common diseases of the throat also disappear with the use of Bhujangasana.
7- By performing Bhujangasana, the kidneys and liver remain healthy. if a person has suffered from kidney, liver or abdominal diseases, then by performing Bhujangasana, those diseases disappear.
8- This asana also increases the immunity power of the body.
9- People who sit and work all day increase excess fat around the stomach and waist. If such people do Bhujangasana every day, then fat can be reduced rapidly.
10-This asana reinforces the entire back and shoulders. Making the upper and middle parts of the spine more flexible.
11-Bhujangasana improves breathing patterns. It relaxes the shoulders and neck and strengthens the abdominal muscles.

Precaution of Bhujangasana

1- Pregnant women, or those who have a crack in the rib or wrist, or have had a recent abdominal operation, such as a hernia, will have to avoid this asana.
2- Do not do Bhujangasana even patients with Carpel tunnel syndrome.
3- If you have been ill for a long time or have been suffering from a spinal disorder, then practice Bhujangasana under the supervision of the instructor.
4- Do not practice this asana if a person suffering from diseases such as lumbar pathologies, sciatica, visceral or lung disorder.
5- Avoid Bhujangasana by those women who have menstruation, or after 3 months of pregnancy.

The information given in this article presented for education and awareness purpose only. If you like the article which is based on the Bhujangasana, Bhujangasana yoga, and Benefits of Bhujangasana (cobra pose) covering with anatomical aspects and physiological aspects, etc.  then share it and write your experience in the comment box below.


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