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How to lose weight fast | 6 food tips to weight loss

How to lose weight fast | 6 food tips to weight loss 

In this article, you will get information about the How to lose weight fast through the Best 6 food tips for weight loss that can reduce your body weight.
How to lose weight fast
How to lose weight fast

How to lose weight fast | 6 food tips to weight loss

If you want to get rid of belly fat (abdominal obesity), then you have come to the right place because I am going to tell you with the help of science how to get rid of stomach fat, now I will tell you in this article how you do nothing you can also lose weight, just by improving your eating habits a little bit and if you exercise with my suggestions then the results will be better than before.

You should remember that abdominal fat can be an indication that other conditions in your health, such as type 2 diabetes, are at risk of heart disease, so my suggestions will not only reduce your abdominal fat, but It is also appropriate to make you better.

1- Balance calories in your foods

Dietitians recommend that if you eat 500 fewer calories per day than your daily requirement, you are about to lose about 0.45 kg every 7 days, which is about 1.8 kg every four weeks, here, It is very unbelievable to say that you have to eat less food without any extra exercise to lose weight.

Now you are probably thinking about yourself, but I already know that everyone knows that eating less of this food leads to more weight loss, which is what you are right, but here is how to do it properly. According to the study done, how do Oxford University which leads me to the result that to do this you have to get rid of snacks between meals, which people usually eat three times a day and if you do not eat a snack, you can reduce your belly fat by meeting the goal of 500 calories less than your daily requirement.

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2- Program your eating habits

The dietitian has revealed how you can lose belly fat by 'programming' your body through proper eating habits. In general, people over the age of 30 are more likely to have intermittent weight gain due to hormonal shifts. So weight loss involves increasing the intake of fiber in food for better gut health.

Eating fiber can control weight because fibrous foods are often heavy and therefore soluble dietary fiber (roughage)  forms a gel that slows down the emptying of the stomach and the transit time of food through the digestive system. This extends the time a person feels satisfied or "full". It also delays the absorption of sugars from the intestines. This helps maintain low blood sugar levels and prevent a rapid rise in insulin levels in the blood. High fiber intake helps reduce cholesterol problems and regulate insulin, especially when consumed in the morning. Include some fresh fruits and vegetables as part of every meal - breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Eating the recommended amount of fiber daily will make you naturally full and it was an easy way to regulate hunger and hormones. A fiber serve is usually regarded as half a cup and is one of the things that can be easily taken in a lunch salad.

3- Avoid caffeine  containing drink

Caffeine, as you know, helps stimulate your metabolism in any way and is especially effective when you drink morning tea or coffee. Caffeine helps kick-start the metabolism but the stimulant properties of caffeine help suppress appetite as well as raise 'fat stores' in the body which is the main reason for your body weight gain. Because the sugar hidden in your tea or coffee increases your weight in your body, so you should consume caffeine-containing beverages at least.

4- Increase your insulin sensitivity 

As you know that when the amount of insulin in the blood increases, the body absorbs more sugar from the blood, due to which the blood sugar level is reduced and this reduced blood sugar level in the body stimulates the sensation of hunger which makes us hungry. Therefore, to balance blood sugar levels, you should consume sugary foods at least in the morning especially in the morning there is a problem with the intake of sugary foods because they increase the amount of insulin in the blood and increase your appetite and to satisfy this increased 'hunger' you can have a continuous snack throughout the day which helps in increasing your body weight. Therefore, breakfast foods should be taken in the morning with a minimum of sugars and fats and a balanced amount of protein.

5- Drink plenty of liquid

Dietitians recommend that you make sure that you drink lots of liquid throughout the day. In addition to drinking two liters of water a day, something that naturally helps you feel full, then you take green tea. A few studies show that green tea prompts diminish in muscle to fat ratio, particularly in the stomach zone because research has been shown that green tea intake helps to increase metabolic rate and this drink also calms down sugar deficiency. According to the nutritionist, If you sip on iced water all day, you could burn about 100 extra calories for the day.

6- Eat vitamin- C rich foods

According to dietitians, it is advised to consume 40 grams of vitamin C daily. Dietary recommendations is 40 grams of vitamin C per day, increasing it to 100 grams per day can help you burn fat. According to nutritionists, there is evidence that your body will burn more fat when your body's vitamin C levels increase. You can increase vitamin C levels by eating a range of foods such as oranges, limes, and capsicum.


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