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Natural weight loss tips | how to stop binge eating (overeating)

Natural weight loss tips | how to stop binge eating (overeating)

In this article, you will get information about the natural weight loss tips of overeating, binge eating, and  how to stop binge eating or stop overeating.
Natural weight loss tips
Natural weight loss tips 

Natural weight loss tips | how to stop binge eating (overeating)

As you know that some people eat to live, some people live to eat. That is to say, some people are unable to stop themselves from seeing the food they like and eat. This is called overeating (bulimia). Many kinds of research have proved that addiction to overeating is also dangerous for the body. The food items which contain more sugar, salt, and fat content, they quickly become addictive and are dangerous for health.

What is Overeating (bulimia)

Overeating (bulimia) is an eating disorder that gradually becomes a psychiatric disorder. It is a psychopath associated with overeating (bulimia). If this is not controlled by paying attention in time, it can take the form of a serious problem. People suffering from overeating (bulimia) eat despite not wanting and are unable to control their emotions. There is a problem with them that at first, they overeat. , Then feel bad because of that. Because of this, they also try to take food out by vomiting. This disease can happen at any age, but mostly this problem occurs in adolescents and people who are worried about health.

Reasons for Overeating (bulimia)

As you know, knowingly or unknowingly, we include some habits in our daily routine that lead to problems like overeating. Here the following are the habits related to food which gives rise to disease like overeating.

1. Binge eating 

In this, a person consumes a large amount of food in a very short time. A person does this once or several times a day, which he is not aware of, and gradually it becomes included in his habit. With such a habit, such a person is soon vulnerable to a disease like overeating (bulimia). Binge eating is a type of eating disorder that is a symptom of a disease such as overeating (bulimia nervosa).

2. Stress eating

 In order to avoid depression and stress, a person eats too much food in a short time. By doing this, it gradually becomes included in his habit.

3. Social eating

This includes the type of people who are involved in various social events, and they like to eat the feast. And due to this, such people are soon vulnerable to disease like overeating (bulimia) because in such places mainly high-calorie foods are served which are stored as body fat, and the increased body weight.

4. Boredom eating

This includes the type of person who lacks excitement and motivation in their life, they just eat to feel something. This habit gives rise to a disease like overeating in them.

5. Comfort eating

This includes those types of people, who have a habit of eating something while watching TV or watching movies. Due to this habit, such people eat a lot of food, due to which such people are soon suffering from a disease like overeating (bulimia).

When do binge eating or overeating 

Many people like to eat so much, then they eat it over. Many people start eating a lot of snacks under stress. It is wrong to do this because it is very important to balance calories while eating. If you do not burn the calories made after eating enough, and if you eat it again, then fat increases, which increases your body weight, so eat as much calories as your body needs. By doing this, there will be a balance between your body and food and your body weight will never increase.

Binge eating or Overeating is an addiction

Overeating (bulimia) is also harmful to health like alcohol and drugs. Eating such a person brings happiness and joy, just like one gets from a drug. Actually, a chemical (dopamine – a natural pleasure-giving chemical) is found in the brain, which recognizes any food and drugs. Several studies have shown that food addiction is more deadly than alcohol and drug addiction.

Binge eating or Overeating is the root cause of diseases

Most people become obese very soon due to overeating. Obesity is also a disease, if it is not treated quickly, it can cause many serious diseases. This reduces the body's ability to work and makes you tired quickly. Eating more than hunger increases the risk of diseases like heart disease, diabetes, and cancer. Due to this, the health of people remains weak and they can die prematurely. Food addiction leads to depression and anxiety. Such circumstances can affect the mental health of a person badly.

What is binge eating disorder or eating disorder

In binge eating disorder (BED), individuals who lack willpower and self-control are forced to consume more than normal amounts of food. By doing this, such individuals often become unwanted weight gain and overweight, which gives rise to negative feelings in them.
People with Binge Eating Disorder (BED) often struggle with negative emotions such as physical dissatisfaction, low self-esteem, hatred, etc. and such negative feelings are often seen in people suffering from Binge Eating Disorder (BED) and such people eating more in order to deal with negative emotions.  Because of which problems like obesity and overeating are found in such people.

Symptoms of binge eating or overeating 

1. The first symptom of binge eating or overeating is weight gain.
2. Binge eating or overeating may increase the risk of allergies. Overeating of eggs, milk, fish, seafood, and cereal can cause allergic reactions.
3. There are many things such as eating butter, oil, ghee, and meat, eggs, and junk food, etc. increases the risk of cholesterol and it can cause heart attack, heart problems.
4. Binge eating can also cause acidity problems.
5. Binge eating or overeating can produce so many diseases such as hypertension, joint, and muscle pain, gastrointestinal difficulties, gall bladder problems, insomnia, depression, and anxiety, etc.
6. The smell and odor of the overeating people always come from the mouth and body.

How to stop binge eating or overeating

1. Diet Chart

 Food should be eaten to satisfy hunger. Even if you digest food easily despite eating more, but always remember your limits. Eat as much as is necessary for health. If you want, you can make a diet chart by expert and eat it accordingly. This will prevent you from overeating.
Natural weight loss tips
Natural weight loss tips 

2. Fibrous diet

Take a diet rich in fiber. Keep a healthy diet in your kitchen, such as pasta, fruits, packed dietary fiber, and complex carbohydrates, fruits and vegetables, packed with dietary fiber. By eating such a meal, you will avoid overeating because fiber-rich food keeps the stomach full for longer.

3. Liquid diet before meals

To avoid over-eating at certain occasions, drink a glass of water or drink a bowl of soup before half an hour. It fills the stomach beforehand and reduces hunger. Eat food comfortably. Do not be in any hurry. Drink plenty of fluids during the day, such as water, fruit and vegetable juices, etc. All these will fill your stomach so that hunger will be suppressed naturally.

4. Food on a small plate

Always serve food on a small plate. Whenever eating food, chew it peacefully and slowly. Keep half a plate of salad and half a plate of food. Do not eat food while watching TV or talking on the phone or reading books or working on the computer. In such a situation, you will do overeating, which is called mindless overeating.

5. Chew and eat

By chewing the food properly, not only the food of the need is eaten, but also hormones are produced, which also help in digesting the food. Chewing and chewing food does not cause overeating. So take care of these things while eating food.

6. Avoiding Munching

Munching i.e. The addiction of eating small things in between, such as high-calorie snacks, biscuits, cakes, fried meats, junk food, fast food, etc., is a major reason for weight gain. It should be avoided.

7. Do not eat under anger or stress

Many times when a person is under more stress, his desire to eat becomes more intense. In such a situation, people eat more. This stress eating would be more in those who want to get out of tension as soon as possible. So do not add any food addiction during stress.

8. Do Yoga

By doing yoga, a person has less interest in binge eating and it also reduces disturbances such as stress, depression, and anxiety. Yoga is a physical exercise in which the body and brain are balanced by specific breathing and various body postures. Therefore, many kinds of research suggest that yoga helps to prevent binge eating by reducing the chemical produced by stress, depression, and anxiety.

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Weight loss tips to avoid binge eating or overeating

1. Instead of eating a lot of food together, take a mini-meal after a few hours throughout the day.
2. Eat your favorite food once a week
3. To avoid overeating, eat soup, fresh green vegetables, and salad.
4. Avoid eating sweets, instead, you can eat dry fruits. Eating them gives more energy.
5. Eat roasted or grilled snacks instead of deep-fried snacks.
6. Add addiction to share your food, you will not be able to eat more than you want.
7. When you feel that your stomach is full, stop eating.
8. Never overeating thinking of food being wasted.
9. If you are addicted to being called sweet after eating, then eat a little sweet for taste.
10. Do not eat snacks too much, because it ends hunger and you are not able to eat properly.
11. Do not go to a crash diet to finish overeating. People start eating more after going on a crash diet, which is the main reason for their weight gain.


By identifying any problem and accepting it, half the problem ends on its own. After identifying the problem, you should meet a psychiatric or psychologist and nutritionist at the earliest and tell them in detail about your habits. Follow what they are told and remove your habits.

Motivational and behavioral therapy, apart from psychological treatment, proves to be helpful to eradicate overeating. If you like the article about the overeating, binge eating, binge eating disorder or eating disorder, how to stop binge eating or stop overeating i.e. stop binge eating and weight loss tips to avoid binge eating or overeating , Please like and share it and write me your experience in the comment box below.


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